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Online Mentoring Program JULY 2024

Online Mentoring Program JULY 2024

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1 year of program/materials access. Upon purchase Terms and Conditions Accepted.

1 year of program/materials access. You'll first be enrolled into "Bootcamp" to build your foundation; then graduate to the "Support" group to refine your skills.


Click here to sign up using our 4 Payments Plan (July 2024).


Kristina specializes in "belly to baby’s first year and boudoir".

Josie specializes in "maternity, newborn and family".


This private mentoring class (FB Group Platform) is where you'll learn everything about setting your business up for growth.

If you feel like you are dreading figuring out how to achieve a better method in selling and photographing then this may be your jam.

We have both been IPS, hybrid, shoot & burn and we have perfected our methods.

The mentoring group to ask for help and tailoring when needed. We are there to guide everyone.


Business/IPS videos

1. Value/perception
2. Inquiry/communication
3. Consultations in person and phone
4. Ordering/reveal/soft proofing
5. Putting together my box
6. Complete slideshow of visuals and step by step break down

    Unlike other programs, you will not need to make a large investment on products ($350 at most).



    1.Learn to target your ideal client
    2. Steps to increase your overall brand
    3. Strategies to book
    4. Tips on seo to get on Google
    5. Google business steps to be seen
    6. Make videos and showcase slideshows


      Business paper materials

      1.Client general forms- waiver, social media acknowledgement and model release, more.
      2. Booking form for consultations
      3. PSD template of my price sheet
      4. PSD template of print product explanations
      5. PSD template of referral cards
      6. D.O.S. form for placed orders
      7. Additional links and examples


        Business Vendors list and links

        1. Links to all my products. These investments are super affordable, that's our motto. 


          Newborn shooting videos

          1. Exact breakdown of my workflow, explanations on my lighting and camera settings
          2. Entire 2hr session from baby setups to parent posing in birds-eye view of all my stations (didn't intend to but I always give way more for my folks)
          3. Aerial poses workflow
          4. Table poses breakdown
          5. Variations if baby is not cooperating
          6. New, updated behind the scenes videos


            1 year of program/materials access. You'll first be enrolled into "Bootcamp" to do your learning and then graduate into "Support" group to refine your skills. 


            Depending on the amount of students in line to be enrolled, your payment method, completion of forms and providing pertinent enrollment information; it could take up to a week before you enter the program.  Please be patient and do not request status updates via our vendor page or email.  You will receive a new email with class details when it is ready.


            Terms and Conditions: “I” as the mentee, agrees not to disclose information with non-mentees of videos, written materials and or strategies founded by the Jos & Banks mentoring program and its successors/assigns. If violations occur, all communications and evidence will be done through legal counsel. Any violations of false statements, dismay of actions and or contempt directly or indirectly relating to the mentoring program, mentee will be dismissed from the program indefinitely. All sales are final, no refunds allowed once admission has been completed or severed due to breach of terms.  Membership length can be extended pending expiration.

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