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Maternity Guide

A 90 page guide of written and visual instructions including:
Explanation of light placement and diagrams
Equipment list
Written tips with every pose
Laying down poses
Couples poses
Family poses
Glamour poses
Editorial poses
Implied nude
3 Editing videos

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Josie Tan & Kristina Banks

Increase your bookings, sales and operate like a badass!

photography smoothing action

#1 Smoothing Action

one-click PS action to get rid of wrinkles and more. Dress smoothing acts to eliminate banding in backgrounds.

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  • Matty Action (base)

    Change the lighting affects of your image. Comes with several different elements to cater to specific looks.

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  • Deepen Action (contour)

    This allows you to adjust the toning of your image. Add creaminess to the skin, increase the drama and achieve rich, impact lighting.

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  • Pop Action (setting spray)

    Pop allows you to manipulate the lighting. There are options to recover blown and under-lit photos. It adds a "pop" to your image, thus- the name.

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